Yoga Numerology reveals the secrets to understanding how we connect with our highest self, find harmony in our world and fulfill our life purpose.

Yoga Numerology is derived from Tantric Numerology, which was popularized by Yogi Bajhan and used frequently in the Kundalini Yoga community.  Yoga Numerology focuses on the 10 energy systems (referred to as "bodies") within the human being that keep us alive and in alignment with the flow of the universe.  It is important to note that there are actually 11 numbers in this system, because the 11th body represents the combination of all other bodies, and therefore it is seen as the most significant but also the most difficult to understand and master.

We all have 10 bodies and each body is polarized in how it affects our lives.  When an energy body is weak we see the challenging aspects of that body. When it is strong and active we see the empowering aspects of that body.  The ultimate goal is to activate and strengthen all 10 bodies, or basically, master the 11th body. By mastering all bodies we are placing ourselves in full alignment with the Universe, a divine and benevolent force that will naturally align us with our highest potentials and guide us towards the best life we can live.

Each individual also has a personal “blueprint” which represents how certain energy bodies affect specific aspects of our lives.  This blueprint is our Yoga Numerology, and determined by our date of birth. Yoga Numerology is the perfect place to start mastering our energy system, because it reveals a pathway to how we connect with our highest self, find harmony in our lives, and fulfill our individual purpose in our lifetime.


Yoga Numerology

Based on the day a person is born, Yoga Numerology recognizes 5 significant elements and the energy body associated with these elements. The elements are: Soul, Karma, Gift, Destiny and Path.

Soul Number represents how we connect with our inner guidance system. The stronger and more active our Soul Number is the more intuition, creativity, and imagination we have. A strong Soul Number is also associated with experiencing joy, inner peace, inner strength and inner identity. An individuals Soul number represents a significant aspect of their life; it either serves to empower them or it represents the potential for inner conflict.

Karma Number represents how we bring harmony and balance to our outer world, including relationships with people, our profession, or how we see the world around us. A strong and active Karma Number is going to result in a healthy life with good relationships and a positive outlook on reality and whatever one experiences in the world.

It is essential that Soul and Karma Numbers are strong and active as they are the foundations for our Gift, Destiny and Path.

Gift Number represents our innate value to the world, what we offer others and how we help in the circumstances we are in. In order to share our Gift, our Soul and Karma numbers must be active and strong. We must also understand what our Gift is in order to accept it and we must know that we deserve it.

Destiny Number is how we are seen by others. It is essential that we are seen according to our Destiny Number, if not, then our Soul and/or Karma Numbers are inactive or weak.

Path Number represents what we must do to experience ultimate fulfillment and success in our lifetime. It doesn’t matter how successful one might seem, if we are not on our Path we are not fulfilling our purpose and we will not feel completely fulfilled.


The Ten Bodies

We all have ten bodies. These are the energetic fields that keep us alive and in alignment with the flow of the Universe. A weak body represents a misalignment with the cosmic flow, and that’s when things go wrong, like disease, negativity, unhealthiness, fear, suffering, problematic relationships, etc. If you want to become the greatest person you can be in this lifetime focus on strengthening your ten bodies.

The Soul Body is basically the same as Soul Number. It represents our connection to our inner guidance system and is the source for joy, inner peace, intuition, creativity, imagination, inner identity and inner strength. A weak Soul Body can lead to inner challenge.

The Protective Mind is the first of three mental bodies and serves to protect us from external harm or negative influences. When our Protective Mind is strong we have strong discernment. We feel a sense of belonging in the world and have a good sense of survival instincts and self-preservation. When weak we feel a “longing to belong” which can get us into trouble because it allows us to be taken advantage of, or puts us in the wrong environments, situations or personal relationships. A weak Protective Mind can also make us overly trusting.

The Projective Mind is the mental body associated with optimism, free-flowing energy and outward projection. It is our source of hope, possibility, and accomplishment. When strong it puts us in a place of opportunity and gives us the drive to accomplish anything. It makes us progressive and ascending. When overactive it can make us overly optimistic, creating too much growth too soon or putting others or ourselves at risk by not considering the negatives or potential dangers. When weak it can make us overly negative and fearful, unable to see the good in anything.

The Neutral Mind is the mental body that represents the synthesis between the Protective Mind and the Projective Mind. It is associated with neutrality, balance, seeing the bigger picture, and right action. It exists beyond the polarities of our world and transcends the dualistic concepts of right or wrong, good or bad, win or loose. When strong it can lead to extremely effective problem solving, a win-win mentality, and holistic thinking. When weak it can lead to indecisiveness, the wrong decisions, imbalance or destructive behavior.

The Physical Body is associated with our physical connection to the world and the experience of life. It has everything to do with physicality and what happens on a material level. When strong it can lead to a healthy physical presence, the ability to manage time and affairs and make sacrifice for others. It is the role of a teacher and someone who leads by example. A person who can take abstract concepts and bring them into the world has a strong Physical Body. When weak it leads to all the nasty things of being human: unhealthiness, obsessive compulsive behavior, greed, anger, blame, lack of accountability, lies, deception, etc. Someone who cannot balance their time or affairs or cannot make sacrifices for others has a weak Physical Body.

The Arcline is the connection between the physical and the cosmic, and acts to bring in higher consciousness and awareness into our bodies and the world of form. The Arcline also acts as the source for strengthening the magnetic field, which includes The Aura, The Pranic Body, The Subtle Body and The Radiant Body. The Arcline is directly associated with meditation and prayer. A strong Arcline can serves as the foundation for energetic protection and projection. A weak Arcline can result in anxiety, a weak immune system or susceptibility to negative energy or disease. A person who is slouchy or hunched over in the shoulders usually means they have a weak Arcline.

The Aura is the housing for our magnetic field and the shield that extends outwards up to 9 feet. It serves as a source of security, projection and love of our higher self out into the world. The Aura also acts as a Platform of Elevation for our selves and the ability to uplift others. When strong we carry a powerful projection and it protects us from external threats and negative energy. When weak we become vulnerable to outside influences.

The Pranic Body (Prana) is our source for life-force energy, fearlessness and self-initiation. Prana is what leaves the body last and keeps us alive. It is powered by the breath. When The Pranic Body is strong we have an unlimited source of energy, fearlessness and we can self-initiate to do anything. When weak it may lead to high anxiety, fear, being stressed out, lack initiative, or result in a weak immune system. Someone with weak prana has low energy and usually suffers from disease or physical problems.

The Subtle Body is associated with mastery and a deeper understanding about the mysteries of life.   A strong Subtle Body cuts through naivety and sees the purpose and meaning in everything. Through repetition it leads to mastery of whatever one focuses on. When weak a person will only see things at face value. It is difficult to see meaning in people’s actions or life in general. Someone who is blunt, rude or insensitive has a weak Subtle Body.

The Radiant Body is associated with expansive awareness, a warrior spirit, the courage to do anything and a magnificent presence. It acts as a source for guidance and protection by higher consciousness. A person with a strong Radiant Body lights up the room with their presence and gives everything they do 110%. They have the courage and ability to accomplish the impossible and set the highest standard. Some of the greatest minds of all time exemplified a strong Radiant Body: Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Nicolas Tesla. A weak Radiant Body results in an inability to confront situation; giving up completely on ones self other people or projects.