We all know the challenges of being human. Whether we are seeking more joy, inner peace, fulfillment, or belonging, we are always striving for something greater out of life.  Yoga Numerology is designed to elevate you beyond your personal limits so that you can have more happiness and success in your world.  Yoga Numerology is based upon an ancient Tantric system for improving the our lives with the goal of reaching our greatest human potential.

Our Personalized Yoga, Meditation & Yoga Lifestyle Coaching services will help you…

  • Find your key to joy, inner peace, creativity & imagination
  • Overcome the #1 thing that limits you the most… fear
  • Tap into your life-force energy for optimum health & productivity
  • Align yourself with opportunity & the Law of Attraction
  • Discover deeper Love for yourself, your relationships & the world



The goal of the yogi is to bring stillness to the mind, open the heart, and live in a state of connection and unity; this is the key to reaching ones unlimited potential.   It is no secret that dedication to a daily spiritual practice, or Sadhana, is the fastest and most effective way of achieving this goal.  Based on your Yoga Numerology, our soul coaches will identify the most ideal practice that suits your personal needs.  Less than 15 minutes a day, your Sadhana will accelerate your personal growth through activating strengths while addressing limitations.

Yoga Lifestyle Coaching

With Yoga Lifestyle Coaching we use your Yoga Numerology as a focal point on the elements of your life that 1) are essential to your personal growth, and 2) hold you back from reaching your greatest potentials.  By focusing on the fundamental elements of who you truly are, you can learn how to become in sync with universal flow.  From this core perspective we can shape any element of your life so that every action, event and outcome acts for your higher good.

Knowing others is wise. Knowing yourself is Enlightenment.” -Lao Tzu