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Based on your Yoga Numerology and one-on-one feedback, we will determine the perfect daily practice that fits your personal needs.  Each practice is less than 15 minutes a day and consists of yoga postures, breath (pranayama,) and meditation.  For longer period practices (90 or 120 days) additional Soul Coaching sessions will keep you focused and improve benefits.

  • Experience more joy, inner peace, creativity, and inner guidance
  • Bring more harmony and prosperity into every aspect of your life
  • Overcome fear, negativity and the things that hold you back from reaching your goals
  • Utilize your Gift and be seen as your greatest expression to the world
  • Discover your personal path to success and fulfillment in this lifetime
  • Align yourself with the Law of Attraction and the Wealth of the Universe

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Based on your yoga numerology and one-on-one consultation, we will identify a personal practice designed specifically to focus on your strengths and needs.  Your personal Sadhana will consist of yoga postures, breath work, mantras and meditations that you should do daily for less than 15 minutes a day.  Choose between  40, 90, to 120 day practices based on your level of comfort and commitment.

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40 Day Personal Practice With 90 Minute Soul Coaching Session $70 – On Sale!, 90 Day Personal Practice With 2 Soul Coaching Sessions $125 – On Sale!, 120 Day Personal Practice With 3 Soul Coaching Sessions $170 – On Sale!


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